Planning to graduate this Fall?

    If you do plan to graduate this December, you should start on the paperwork now.

    Although it may seem early to start worrying about this now, an important reason to do this is to make sure you are registered for all of the classes this Fall that you need to graduate. If you find out in September that you're a class short, it'll be too late to fix it.

    Attached is a "Student Guide to the Graduation Application" - this explains how you need to deal with the ONLINE Graduation Application:

    Next, you need to fill out as much of the PAPER CALS Graduations Clearance Form:

    You'll need to take this to your advisor to finish, so make an appointment to get this done. Your Summer/Fall advising appointment is a good time to do this. BUT BEFORE YOU MEET WITH YOUR ADVISOR, YOU'LL NEED TO VISIT ANY DEPARTMENT OFFICES YOU'LL BE GETTING MINORS FROM TO COLLECT THE APPROPRIATE "APPLICATION OF MINOR CERTIFICATION" FORMS.

    If you have trouble getting the paperwork completed with your advisor, visit either Robert Davis in the Microbiology office or me in my office for help. Your advisor will check over your degree audit, and you'll fill out the form for any course substitutions that might be required. He or she will also fill out a "CALS Graduation Checklist" so we can follow your paperwork around. All of this stuff should be turned in together to Robert in the Microbiology office.

    CALS graduation info, including the forms and directions for filling them out, can be found at:

    There is also useful information on the general NCSU web site about graduation at:

    Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!


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