CALS Career Expo

    The CALS Health Professions Advising Center is pleased to announce the 4th Annual Health Career Expo to be held Monday - March 28th - from 12-4 in the Talley Student Center Ballroom

    Highlights Include:
    Almost 100 programs and 80 schools representing the fields of:
    - Medicine: Allopathic, Osteopathic, and Podiatric Medicine from across the country and international programs
    - Dentistry,
    - Optometry,
    - Physician Assistant,
    - Pharmacy,
    - Physical and Occupational Therapy,
    - Nursing,
    - Allied and Public Health,
    - Chiropractic Medicine,
    - Other post-bac graduate programs
    - and the NCSU School of Veterinary Medicine
    - and NCSU Graduate programs.

    In addition, we will have evening breakout sessions as well as presentations to our pre-health interest groups - see attached flyer for details:

    Topics include -

    • Evening Information Sessions - 4:45 – 5:15 & 5:15 – 5:45
    Session 1 - (A) Financing Your Education (B) Glide Year Options (C) Testing Strategies (D) What if NOT Med School
    Session 2 - (E) DO - what is it? (F) Minority & Under Represented Ops (G) Applicant Mistakes (H) International Med School - What it Means

    Program Specific Presentations Evening – 6:00 – 6:45
    Medical, Dental, Optometry, PA, PT/OT/Chiropractic, Pharmacy & Minority Interest Group Meetings with Representatives

    •Registeration Required for Evening Sessions – register at:


    Please see the attached program flyer info, list of programs and representatives and event layout

    Download file "Expo breakout sessions.xls"


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