Three-dimensional models

Staphylococcus aureus protein structure

The solution structure of the Staphylococcus aureus RNase P protein, determined by NMR, from Spitzfaden, et al., 2000 JMB 295:105.

P4 structure

The solution structure (determined by NMR) of P4, wild-type and the C70U mutant both alone and as hexamine complexes, from Schmitz & Tinoco, RNA 2000 6:1212.

Bacillus subtilis protein structure

The crystal structure of the B. subtilis RNase P protein subunit from: Stams T, et al., Science 1998 280:752-755

Pace & collegues models

An updated set of models, all-atom, from Chen, et al., 1998 EMBO J 17: 1515-1525.

An updated structure from Harris, et al., 1997, RNA 3, 561.

The previous model from Harris, et al., 1994 EMBO J. 13:3953.

Westhof & collegues models

A completely reworked model, from Christian Massire, et al., 1998, J. Mol. Biol.279:773.

The previous model from Westhof & Altman, 1994 PNAS 91:5133.

J15/16 models

MC-SYM models from Tom Easterwood & Steve Harvey, 1997 RNA 3:577.

Escherichia coli

Bacillus subtilis

Models of the E. coli P15/16 region based on NMR data - from Glemarec, et al, 1996, NAR., 24:2022.

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