Extremely tentative and subject to change

Week 1


Aug 21

Introductions, Syllabus, course overview, Lab safety

Aug 23

What is an "experiment"? How do you test things scientifically?

Week 2

Aug 26

The bacterial growth curve and the Bioscreen C instrument

Aug 28

Designing a basic growth curve experiment

Aug 30

Setting up the Bioscreen C instrument for a basic growth curve

Week 3

Sep 02

Labor Day - No class

Sep 04

Viewing and interpreting the results of the basic growth curve experiment
What did we learn from our first experiment?
The formulation of a testable scientific question or hypothesis based on these results

Sep 06

Preparing materials and carrying out an experimental plan
Concentrations, dilutions, and stock solutions

Week 4

Sept 09

Solution prep

Sept 11

Solution prep

Sept 13

Set up growth curves

Week 5

Sept 16

Re-evaluation and refinement (or reformulation) of the the question/hypothesis for further testing

Sept 18

Setting up growth curves

Sept 20


Week 6

Sept 23

Review of results

Sept 25

Working in groups
Take-home midterm exam handed out

Sept 27

Set up growth curves
Collection of notebooks for preliminary grading/feedback

Week 7

Sept 30

Graded notebooks returned - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Oct 02

The effective graphical display of scientific data

Oct 04

Set up growth curves
Take-home midterm exam due

Week 8

Oct 07

What is the lab environment like?

Oct 09

Midterm exam review

Oct 11

Fall Break - no class

Week 9

Oct 14

Seminar - TBA

Oct 16

Sterilization, storage and disposal

Oct 18

Set up growth curves

Week 10

Oct 21

What IS a failed experiment? Never tell your PI that an experiment "Didn't work"

Oct 23

Where EXACTLY do you go from here?

Oct 25

Set up growth curves

Week 11

Oct 28

Seminar - Jose Bruno-Barcena, Plant and Microbial Biology

Oct 30

Scientific meetings

Nov 01

Set up growth curves

Week 12

Nov 04

Seminar - Sophia Kathariou, Food Science

Nov 06

About the class "Lab meeting" presentations and Lab papers

Nov 08

Set up growth curves

Week 13

Nov 11

Seminar - Jon Olson, Biological Sciences

Nov 13

Scientific papers, posters and presentation

Nov 15

Set up growth curves

Week 14

Nov 18

Seminar - Fred Breidt, Food Science

Nov 20

Lab writeup and "lab meeting" work session

Nov 22

Lab writeup and "lab meeting" work session

Week 15

Nov 25

Seminar - Amy Grunden, Plant and Microbial Biology

Nov 27

Thanksgiving - No class

Nov 29

Thanksgiving - No class

Week 16

Dec 02

"Lab meeting" presentations


Dec 04

Lab debriefing and review - what have we learned?
Lab notebooks due
Lab papers due

Exam week

Dec 9

Final exam due by 1:00PM