Planner Assignment

Have a planner/calendar for this semester filled out with :

  • your class schedule; from each of your classes syllabus schedules
  • homework due dates, exam dates, &c, &c for all of your classes
  • relevant info from the NCSU fall semester academic calendar from the Registration & Records web site
  • breaks, holidays, scheduled personal things, &c

This planner can be in any format, including electronic. This will not be taken up (you won't have to do without it while I grsade them), but I'll look at them in class, so be prepared to show them to me. If yours is electronic, be sure you have what you need to show it to me.

Mock Epidemic Worksheet

Fill out the Mock Epidemic worksheet during lab. Answer all of the questions, and sign the Honor Pledge.

Degree Plan Assignment

Preliminary Degree Plan:

Create a preliminary Degree Plan on MyPack. Your plan may span 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years, or whatever — it should be based on your individual situation. To create or modify your plan of work, you log in to MyPack Portal. The Degree Planner and Degree Audit are located under "Degree Progress/Graduation" on your MyPack home page. If you have difficulty modifying your Degree Plan, please view the Degree Planner tutorial. When you're finished, print out a copy of your Degree Plan (which shows semester-by-semester) and the Degree Audit (which shows all of your requirements), and bring these to class to turn in.

This is a preliminary plan; you are likely to have loose ends, including classes you expect to get AP or transfer credit for once the paperwork goes through, classes you have credit for but you think ought to be placed differently in your degree audit, &c, &c. Make a list of these remaining issues and turn this in with the printout of your plan.


Final Degree Plan:

Edit your Plan of Work to fix any remaining issues and incorporate any second majors, minors, or summer classes you might be planning. When you're finished, print out a copy of your "Degree Audit/Plan of Work" and the "Semester Layout", and bring these to class to turn in. Include a page decribing in detail any remaining issues with your plan and exactly how these will be dealt with.

Bacillus Isolation Worksheet

Fill out the Bacillus isolation worksheet during lab. Answer all of the questions, and sign the Honor Pledge.

Extra-curricular Activity Assignment

If you complete you undergraduate career with nothing accomplished but checking off all of the required courses, then you will have seriously short-changed yourself. In this asignment, you need to identify one possible extra-curricular activity, look up specific information about it, and describe how you might make it happen and incorporate this into your degree plan. For example:

  • A one-semester study abroad in Florence, Italy
  • A summer School for Field Studies course on South Caicos Island
  • Research on microbial ecology in Dr. Jay Levine's lab
  • Participation in marching band
  • Intramural fencing - Épée, of course!
  • Alternative Spring Break building rainwater catchments in Haiti
  • A summer internship at Bayer Crop Science in the RTP

In your write-up, you need to be specific. If you'd like to take that Study Abroad, what classes would you take there and how would it impact your degree plan? If you'd like to do undergraduate research, how would you get credit for this and how would it help you with post-graduation plans? Given that many of these opportunities are competetive, you will need to think (and write) about plan B - what if you don't get it? What alternatives would be useful?

Career Development Assignment

Send me an email describing 3 internships or jobs that are currently posted in ePack or other locations for Microbiology majors. (5 pts) Sign up with ePack and post your resume.

From the Career Services main web page, you can log into ePack to both search for jobs/internships and post your online resume. Use your Unity ID as the Username, then click the "New User" link to have the system email a password to you. Use this password (with you Unity ID) to log on to ePack.

Once you're in ePack, Internships are under "Jobs and Internships". You need to search on JOB Catergories (not employer Categories). They are grouped by CALS on the drop down and over 1000 internships are in the CALS categories.

Once you've created your resume in your favorite word-processing program, you need to save it in a format that ePack thinks is OK: .doc or (preferably) .pdf. IIf you're using some other word processing program, in may be able to save the file as a .doc file. You can also save it as a .pdf file - on Macs, this means "Print"ing the file, then specify in the print dialog box to "Save as PDF". Once you have your resume as a .doc or .pdf file, you should be fine uploading it to ePack.


Advising meeting worksheets

You are required to meet with your advisor at least three times during this semester:

  1. A preliminary advising meeting to meet your advisor and deal with any initial transition issues
  2. Registration advising, to assess how things are going so far, and to prepare you for class registration
  3. A final advising meeting to assess how things have gone in your first semester

Each of these meetings has an associated "wroksheet" for you to get prepared for the meeting, and to be filled out during the meeting itself.

Worksheets and resources (these are PDF files):

Food Contamination Worksheet

Fill out the Food contamination worksheet during lab. Answer all of the questions, and sign the Honor Pledge.

Tomorrow's Table

Tomorrow's Table argues that a blend of genetic engineering and organic farming is key to feeding the world's growing population in an ecologically balanced manner.

After our discussion in class, prepare a short description about one aspect of this book that you found particularly interesting.

This paper will not be graded by quantity, but by quality. An original, inciteful, organized, and well-written paper might be only one paragraph in length and receive full credit. On the other hand, a multivolume, rambling stream-of-concisousness, full of error and bereft of point, will be graded harshly.