James W. Brown

Associate Professor & Undergraduate Coordinator
Department of Microbiology, NC State University

Sarah Schach, James Brown and Melanie Lee-Brown

Should Azomonas insignis be reclassified?

Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition, March 2007, Beijing, China

The laboratory of Dr. Melanie Lee-Brown received from the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) two stains of an understudied species of the family Pseudomonadaceae; Azomonas insignis ATCC 12523 and ATCC 29360. In a phylogenetic analysis of rRNA and RNase P RNA gene sequences, the original strain (ATCC 12523) had been found to belong in reality to the genus Acinetobacter, a distant member of the same family. We therefore obtained performed the 16S rRNA, 16S-23S rRNA internal transcribed spacer, and RNase P RNA gene sequence and performed a phylogenetic analysis on strain ATCC 29360, to see if this species as a whole had been misclassified, or if strain ATCC 12523 had originally been misidentified. We found that Azomonas insignis ATCC 29360, unlike strain ATCC 12523, had been correctly assigned to the genus Azomonas. The incorrect identification of strain 12523 has been confirmed by the ATCC, and remaining vials have been destroyed.

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