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This web page (the "Phage Page") is a reference site for bacteriophage resources, including databases, taxonomy, images, interest groups and other relevant web sites. I am especially interested in maintaining current links to Everything T4 and to related large, dsDNA Myoviridae from diverse environments, infecting a variety of hosts. All images and underlined text should be linked. Your input is appreciated; please forward any suggested additions and revisions to the author.

Everything T4

T4 Genomics at

T4 & T4-type Phage Genomics World-Wide

Viral COG (VOG) - clusters of related viral proteins
KVP40 Vibrio phage complete genome (a joint project between NC State Univ. & TIGR researchers)

T4 Web Resources

Phage Discussion Forum

Phage Therapy, T4 links and research labs
Phage Ecology Group
Taxonomy and images of T4-related myoviridae
The Molecular Biology of Bacteriophage T4 (ASM Press)
Myoviridae images
Phage Resources
ASM's Division M (Bacteriophage) Page
Pittsburgh Bacteriophage Institute
Phage-Tech Interest Group (PhTIG)
Virus Taxonomy
Felix D'Herelle and the Origins of Molecular Biology
Virology on the WWW

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