BioEdit is a biological sequence alignment editor written for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/7.  An intuitive multiple document interface with convenient features  makes alignment and manipulation  of sequences relatively easy on your desktop computer.    Several sequence manipulation and analysis options and links to external analysis programs facilitate a working environment which allows you to view and manipulate sequences with simple point-and-click operations.
  BioEdit's features include:                   

  • Several modes of hand alignment
  • Automated ClustalW alignment
  • Automated Blast searches (local and WWW)
  • Plasmid drawing and annotation
  • Accessory application configuration
  • Restriction mapping
  • RNA comparative analysis tools
  • Graphical matrix data viewing tools
  • Shaded alignment figures
  • Translation-based nucleic acid alignment
  • ABI trace viewing, editing and printing
  • Customizable ... other features
  • Note: BioEdit is no longer being regularly maintained, and the documentation is out of date and no longer maintained.  BioEdit is free for use by any and all interested parties, but is supplied as is. Users must agree with the terms of the license.


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     Last updated 6/25/2017
     Tom Hall

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    Are you having trouble with the Right-click to change the reference sequence for the dot-conservation view because of the context menu feature?  You can now use Ctrl+Right Click to change the dot-conservation reference sequence.

    Note for non-U.S. users of Windows 7:
    Some people have experienced trouble creating and opening documents with Windows 7.
    If you get an error saying “Error: setup of Alignment form”, followed by an error saying “’#.##’ is not a valid floating point value” (‘#.##’ will most likely be ‘0.85’), try downloading the latest version of BioEdit. If that does not work (or alternatively, if you do not want to bother downloading):
      1.   Open “BioEdit.ini” from within your BioEdit install directory (use Notepad).
      2.   Find the line that says “Spacing=#.##” (‘##.# will probably be ‘0.85’)
      3.   Change the ‘.’ To a ‘,’ and save the file, then relaunch BioEdit. .

    Note for 64-bit users:
    For Windows 7, 64-bit users of TreeView, the version of TreeView distributed with BioEdit will not work correctly.  Rod Page offers an updated version (TreeViewX) that does work well on this platform. To install this version such that it works with pre-configured Phylip accessory apps within BioEdit, it is best to override the default installation directory when installing TreeViewX to C:\Program Files\Rod Page\TreeView.  You can then either 1.) Change the name of the file C:\Program Files\Rod Page\TreeView\tv.exe to C:\Program Files\Rod Page\TreeView\treev32.exe or 2.) modify accessory application configurations to point to C:\Program Files\Rod Page\TreeView\tv.exe.

    The pairwise alignment function was fixed and verified in this version of BioEdit and now agrees with examples shown in the help system.

    Older BioEdit versions:
    Note:  There have been some requests to go back to version 5.0.9.  If you would like to download the 5.0.9 installation, you can get it here.

    Other versions:
    Version 7.1.9
    Version 7.1.8
    Version 7.1.7
    Version 7.1.3
    Version 7.0.9
    Version 7.0.8
    Version 7.0.7
    Version 7.0.5
    Version 7.0.4
    Version 7.0.3
    Version 7.0.2
    Version 7.0.1
    Version 7.0.0